What is Nelichso?

Nelichso is a live chat support system which helps you to connect your website visitors. You can use Nelichso to chat directly with your website visitors either by visitor's request of requesting them for chat and provide support like sales and technical. It helps you to improve customer service and increase sales.

What makes us different

Nelichso is 100% web based chat support software. It very easy and quick to integrate on your website. There is no installation required and you can access it from anywhere.

How does it work?

01 Register on our website
02 Login to your account
03 Customize your account based on your requirement.
04 Generate HTML code
05 Copy HTML code on your website

Browser Compatibility

OS Compatibility

Immediate Integration

You can intergrate Nelichso no more than 10 minutes. Nelichso can be immediately integrated with your website after registering and creating your account free or paid account.

Softwares supported by Nelichso