About Us

About Nelichso

Nelichso is a fully featured live chat support system operated by Netedge Technology which has been established for more than a decade. This modern system is designed to provide the best customer support experience from retailer to customer. It is possible to integrate Nelichso in 10 minutes with any web business site after registration and account creation.

Immediate information can be secured from our experienced and user friendly sales team with our Nelichso live chat support. Every customer doubt and sales concern can be swiftly resolved with the accurate answers from fast responses rendered by our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team.

Nelichso can be implemented in any industry that requires communication with customers and potential leads. It is currently implemented in the education, manufacturing and production as well as the technical and electronic industries.

Netedge Technology is actively operated by a highly qualified programming and administrative team that understands the demands of stellar customer services and support to provide the necessary services for a truly satisfying customer experience.

Reaching customers

Nelichso is a powerful and dynamic tool that helps business owners reach their targeted customers and potential leads cost effectively to boost business sales and profits. A constant stream of customers must be generated to fuel the business in the midst of rising competition in the marketplace. It is essential to engage a cost effective tool that draws in a consistent flow of traffic to the web business site with stellar customer services rendered that would enhance branding, image and presence in the marketplace.

The use of Nelichso live chat support system functions to cut down costs dramatically while acquiring new clients for the business effectively with an improved communication channel. Lifetime customers and referrals are crucial to business expansion with strategic partners coming on board the business platform for any modern business that manipulates the Internet today. Modern clients are more alert to the latest business developments with a growing demand of satisfying their needs and expectations of businesses today.

Traditional communication means like email and cell phone can be slow and costly, besides being cumbersome with messages left for the desired response which may not be of use when it arrives. Nelichso offers a versatile alternative with its long list of innovative features and professional service team to respond immediately to any call. This modern live chat support system allows smooth communications via live chats for an instant interaction with customers without any interruption to enjoy an immediate resolution of the problem or issue with the client.

This provides an effective way to reach more customers for the business without a long queue. As more customers are engaged effectively via Nelichso, the business sales and image spike up easily.

Cost effective system

Nelichso is a cost effective live chat support system that not only increases the customer base consistently for the business but also reduces advertising expenses effectively. There is a definite huge ROI with Nelichso that is well tested and proven for businesses in almost any industry.

Nelichso can fill in phone call services to customers and speed up responses compared to the slow responses of emails and expensive phone communication. The implementation of Nelichso is fast and simple with a few easy steps:

1) Register with Nelichso
2) Login with created account
3) Customize account based on requirement
4) Generate HTML code
5) Copy HTML code to website

Nelichso team

A growing team of passionate and experienced programmers and administrators ensures the success of Nelichso with the best of support and development skills and qualifications. Friendly and helpful service are rendered to customers from all walks of life to enjoy an excellent customer service experience through Nelichso.

The Nelichso service team is ever ready to answer any query or take any suggestion offered by live customers. We aim to maintain a high level of service that offers great comfort and ease experienced by customers by being constantly available to chat and ready to respond to all queries and suggestions. The team operating Nelichso is well qualified and highly trained to operate the various support features with a high knowledge of our Nelichso system to benefit our clients. Our team works well together with an exchange and update of customer needs and expectations from one shift to another to ensure a smooth and consistent customer service level to avoid a repeat of client needs and queries. Our clients are known personally by our Nelichso team with an established professional relationship that fosters great work relations.

Our Nelichso support team is available 24x7 to answer any query for an immediate response that would satisfy our clients. Each service staff is well versed with every aspect of Nelichso from implementation to maintenance. We would walk our clients through the installation of Nelichso from registration to operation.

Our experienced team of programmers and administrators is able to advise on system security issues besides implementation and operation of Nelichso. They are constantly updated with the latest information and technologies to provide the best of support in Nelichso.

Netedge Technology

Our company has over a decade of live chat support experience with a host of modern technologies and equipment to facilitate successful online businesses of any kind of industry in the marketplace.

Netedge Technology believes in providing the best of technologies and communication solutions through Nelichso to service busy clients that want to experience a boost in their businesses. Our mission is to offer live chat customer support without cumbersome software installation. This free 100% live chat support software is made available to all clients on any website as it is designed to be compatible with all platforms such as Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
Our company endeavors to provide fast and smooth communication that can be simply delivered and exercised at all times with our professional service team waiting to service busy clients on any business issue.

Our company motto of “Best Communication Tool for the Best Customer Support Experience” is satisfied with our well designed and free Nelichso live chat support system. We stay alert to the volatile changes on the market to upgrade Nelichso and the support team to stay relevant in the marketplace while overcoming rising competition. We are never satisfied with mediocrity as we constantly implemented advance features on Nelichso to ensure its dynamism and versatility in supporting our clients. We are inspired by the demands of modern clients for extraordinary live support services for local communities as well as global platforms.

We aim to create lasting, meaningful connections with all strata of customers instead of superficial business relations. We in Netedge Technology strive to promote a deep trust level with our clients that would enable a more effective business operation for all parties. Our support products and services are uniquely designed with passion to build meaningful lifetime connections for all parties.

We worked diligently with passion in creating Nelichso that is 100% web based for a quick and smooth integration on the website without cumbersome installation. Access to Nelichso is available from anywhere to ensure availability and speed. We are an established market leader in modern online customer engagement services serving thousands of clients with our dynamic live chat Nelichso system that empowers our clients to connect and engage with their customers appropriately and cost effectively for higher ROIs.

Nelichso Features

Nelichso live chat support system offers an array of exciting features that are advanced using the latest technologies that benefit its users. Many business cases can be resolved immediately with Nelichso features that include theme selection, inter-department chats, quick integration, multiple department’s chats and live reports.

It is easy to manipulate Nelichso features to stay connected with the right people and direct them in the right direction without having to follow up on the case as it is resolved during the chat session. Our Nelichso system is compatible with a host of popular browsers and operating system platforms that include Windows, Apple and Linux.

It is possible to integrate Nelichso with Joomla, WHMCS, WordPress, Xcart, ZenCart and others for an immediate improvement in web traffic and customer services. Our Nelichso features function to eliminate long queues with quick resolutions to customer issues that would delight clients. New business opportunities are available with a long list of potential leads waiting.

Exciting customer experiences are encountered via website, mobile, tablet or other modern technological devices that promote business intelligence.

Our Nelichso features are applicable to small and large local or global enterprises for cost effective sales conversions, lower support costs and higher sales orders that bring about a higher bottom line for the company.

Potential Advantages of Nelichso

Those who are game to try out Nelichso would be pleased with the ease of implementation and operation which the system offers via its host of advanced technology features supported by a dedicated and experienced team of programmers and administrators.

Our Nelichso clients can range from enterprising entrepreneurs to large multi-national companies that require a cost effective and efficient live chat support system to answer customer queries and meet customer demands quickly and satisfactory. Nelischo does not disappoint with its dynamic features and modus operandi that impacts all types of businesses satisfactorily.

Businesses that would implement Nelichso would enjoy a stronger market presence with a higher market trust and confidence to serve the different categories of consumers across the globe. The system support team is friendly, professional and approachable with a fast response to every support ticket or call logged. A positive and reliable team is ever ready to implement and maintain Nelichso at its peak for the best results.

Nelichso is the preferred business vendor choice to boost business operations and bottom line to grow the customer list and sales. Many Nelichso clients can pass the word around on the effectiveness of Nelichso after a satisfying business experience. It would not be surprising to have business clients being transformed into loyal and long term customers after working with Netedge Technology and Nelichso system. Our business track record will continue to grow longer with our company established as a viable market force to be reckoned with.

Future Aspirations

A business entity, even Netedge Technology, need not be limited to a specific scope of operation to grow and be a market leader. Business operations are not the only focus for an enterprising business company that is clear on its direction and goal in life.

We also aspire to connect deeper with our own employees in preparing the best of career paths for their personal development and career futures which would inspire them to be greater than now. Appropriate trainings and skills would be identified to equip our employees, new and loyal, to enjoy a satisfying work experience at Netedge Technology while contributing to an exponential growth and expansion that meets market demands and expectation.

Every Netedge Technology employee from janitor to CEO would feel free to embark on an exciting career with us while growing as a person and employee. Personal successful career paths can be identified and charted to enjoy a full satisfaction at Netedge. Available opportunities are created to work with global leading brands and products that enhance skills, knowledge and value for our employees.

An open work style allows new ideas and inspirations from all quarters to generate spectacular results for the company in a shorter time frame when all parties are of the same mind and vision. There would be opportunities to encourage innovation in real-time technologies to engage real-time customers on a wider scope of the market so that Netedge Technology continues to be relevant to all businesses and consumers.

The latest state-of-the-art technologies and solutions would be considered and implemented appropriately to benefit Nelichso clients all the way to provide better support that benefits the clients’ business. New and advanced technologies and live chat support features would be implemented to give our clients the added advantage over their competition to stay relevant in their industry while establishing a strong brand and image.