General Questions

What are the hardware and software requirements to use Nelichso?

There is no requirement of Hardware/Software for computer. You can manage everything online in our system and provide support through your website.

You just need any of these browsers

Internet Explorer

Can I translate my Nelichso account and operator console to my native language?

As of now we support English language only but multiple languages will be added after some time.

Which webserver Nelichso is compatible with?

You don't need any webserver to use Nelichso. There is no need to install it on your server. You just have to register, generate HTML code, add in your website and start using it.

Why is there a delay when initiating chat and posting Chat Messages?

It generally happnes when there is delay from client machines to conect the server. Generally it happens when there is a network issue from client end.

How can I use Nelichso on SSL?

Nelichso is running on SSL. It is configured to use SSL (HTTPS). You just need to get the SSL installed on your website if you need. However, the communication through Nelichso is always thrugh SSL only.

How can I download the free version or Nelichso?

You don't need to download Nelichso. Its a 100% web based application. You need to register on our websit and start using it.


Does Nelichso provide API?

As of now there is no API available. But it will be availabel in near future.

Can I add my own chat image?

Yes, you are fee to upload your own chat image. You can manage it through your admin area.

What are the plans of Nelichso?

You can find all the plans of Nelichso by clicking on the " Price " link.

What is the availabiligy of sales team?

Sales team is Available from Moday to Friday 8A.M. to 10 P.M.

What is the availabiligy of support team ?

Support team is available 24x7 through, email, chat and ticketing system.

Integration Questions

How can I install Nelichso on my website?

Here are the steps to install Nelichso on your website.

1) Register/buy a plan

2) Login to Admin Area

3) Click on HTML Code

4) Copy HTML code

5) Add HTML code in your website. Most common file names are index.php, index.html, default,php, index.aspx, default.aspx

That is it. You are done with integration of Nelichso.

Do you provide any advice for the security?

You should use SSL on your website.

Make sure to have complicated passwords of each user

Make sure you do not share any login details with anyone

Make sure to keep your passwords in confidential area

Make sure you do not save any password in your browser.

How can I move my Nelichso to another server as my website is moved?

There is nothing to do if you move website to another. You just need to make sure that HTML code is there on your website and it should start working automatically on your new server.

How do I integrate nelichso with wordpress ?

Here are the steps to integrate nelichso with wordpress.


  1.     Download plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/nelichso-free-live-chat-software/
  2.     Login to admin panel of your wordpress.
  3.     Click on Plugin -> Add New from the left panel.
  4.     Click on " Upload ".
  5.     Click on " Browse " button and select the file nelichso-free-live-chat-software.zip.
  6.     Click on "Install Now ".
  7.     Click on " Plugins " link of left panel.
  8.     You will find a plugin called "Nelichso" in the list with activate link below it.
  9.     Click on "Activate" link.
  10.     Click on menu called " Nelichso " in left panel.
  11.     Copy the HTML code in the text box and click on " Update HTML code ". You can find HTML code from your Nelicsho account.
  12.     Now go to Appearance -> Widgets You will find a widget called " Nelichso " in list.
  13.     You will have to drag and drop either on " Main Widget Area " or " Secondary Widget Area". Where you want to show the chat image.

That is it. You are done.

Configuration Questoins

Can I use Nelichso with multiple websites?

Yes, you can certainly use it on multiple websites. Just copy the same HTML code in all the websites you want to use.

Does Nelichso provide automatic chat invitations?

Yes, we do have facility for automatic chat invitation. It can be configured from your admin area by going through " Automatic Chat " option.

How can I add my company logo ?

Here are the steps to add your company logo on chat window.

1) Login to your admin area

2) Go to Settings -> Logo

3) Click on Select Image

4) Browse through the folder where your logo is stored, select and click on OK.

5) Click on "Submit" button

and your logo will be added to your chat window.

How can I send chat transcripts to my email after my client is done with chat?

You can send chat transcript to visitor and appropriate department. Please follow these steps to configure it.

1) Login to your admin area

2) Click on depatrment

3) Select appropriate department

4) Select " Chat Email Settings "

How can I translate my client chat interface to my native language?

Nelichso supports English language only. However, multiple languages will be support in near future.

Other Questions

I can't type anything in the chat box, Why?

The most common reasons are.

1) Visitor is not connected with operatior,

2) You have network issue

3) You are disconnected because of network fluctuation

The GeoIP system doesn't work. What could be the reason?

There could be no reason it doesn't work as its working for all of our clients. If you feel the same problem then plase contact support and if possible send the screenshot also.

I have exceeded total number of failed attemtps. What to do now?

You need to contact support at our support system and ask them to rectify that.

You can also try using forgot password link.

Can you send me invoice in Advance?

The invoices are sent 10 days in advance so that clients can have enough time to make payment.

Is it possible to extend my free trial period?

Generally free trial period is not extendable but you can contact support with the explanation to extend it and if it's approved then you may get extension.