Live Chat Features

  • Web based live chat

    Just launch a web browser on any computer to begin providing live chat assistance.

  • User typing indicator

    User typing indicator for both Operator and Client.

  • Transfer Chat

    Transfer chat to another operator with in department and to different department.

  • Operator to operator chat

    Operator to Operator chat in same and different department.

  • Canned responses

    Canned responses department vise which helps to improve communication and avoid common errors.

  • Chat request routing

    Automatic routing of chat request to another chat operator if one operator is busy.

  • Simultaneous chat request routing

    Simultaneous chat request routing

  • Chat request loop

    Chat request loop

  • Operator Initiated chat

    Operator can initiate chat when he finds a client is visiting website.

  • Automatic Chat invitation

    Automatic chat invitation for guest users who are browsing your website.

  • View Active Chats

    Shows total number of active chats on the website.


  • Upload company logo

    Personalize the chat window with your company logo.

  • Upload Online/offline chat icons

    Upload your own online and offline chat icons of your choice.

  • Visitor chat window Theme

    Configure chat theme to match it with your website.

  • Operator console window theme

    Theme selection for operator's console to match it with your website.


  • Incoming Chat notification

    New chat requests and new chat response sound alerts.

  • Your reply notification

    Get notification when you send reply to client.

  • End chat notification

    Get notification when end chat whenever its ended by any of the party.

Reports & Stats

  • Chat session rating

    Allow user to rate the experience of chat support for each chat session.

  • Chat Accept/Declined stats

    Ger report of total number of accepted and declined chats.

  • Operator duration online

    Get reports to see duration of operator was online per day.

  • Foot print and Refer URL

    Foot print and Refer URL

  • Save offline messages

    Save offline messages to see who visited when support was not online.

Traffic Monitor

  • Website Traffic monitor

    Monitor your website traffic throughout the day to gather traffic trends and reports.

  • Visitor Information

    View refer URL, browser type, footprints and other visitor informations in real-time.

  • GEOIP information

    GEOIP information of all the clients.

Marketing tools

  • Add social media on chat window

    Facility to add social media on chat window.

  • Marquee on chat window

    Add marketing marquee on chat window

  • URL clicking on add

    Redirect URL to the details page of advertise.

Setup Options

  • Department settings

    Setup your own departments.

  • Operator settings

    Add operator and assign it to the departments.

  • Hidden departments

    Hide department for your internal use only.

  • Assign operator to Multiple departments

    You can assign operator to multiple departments.