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Here are the steps to integrate Nelichso with Joomla.

  1. Download Nelichso module from this link.
  2. Login to Joomla Administrator.
  3. Click on Extension -> Install Extensions.
  4. Click on Browse button.
  5. Then select the module file " " from where you had downloaded in your computer.
  6. Click on upload and install.
  7. Then go back to Dashboard.
  8. Then click on " Module Manager ".
  9. You will find a module called " Nelicsho " in next page.
  10. Click red "x" button in front of Nelichso to enable it.
  11. Then click on " Nelichso ".
  12. You will find a box with name " Nelichso chat code ".
  13. Copy the chat code in that box and click on Save.
  14. Then in right side you will find an option to select position.
  15. Select the position you want the code to be applied.
  16. Click on save.

That is it you are done.