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This Agreement is between Nelichso and the person/persons who use our website and its services. Please read carefully to ensure you understand our terms before purchasing any of our products or services. This agreement applies to our resellers and affiliates too. Nelichso is not responsible for any problem caused by the client like forgot password of client's account, removed data by client knowingly or unknowingly or any other reason. Subject to India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad jurisdiction only.


Nelichso agrees to provide the services stated for the price agreed at any given time. We do not miss lead customers with hidden costs unlike many other. We are providing chat software service for online sales and support. We may update it time to time and clients agrees to stay updated with these terms and services.

General Terms

All customers are responsible to keep their details confidentially and make sure that the System and services of Nelichso are not misused.
We reserves right to modify, alter, update or delete the terms and conditions anytime without prior notice. Its client's sole responsibility to stay updated with our terms and condition. Modification of terms and conditions will be effective immediately when posted on our website (nelichso.com) You are agree to use the service provided by Nelichso for your person or business. We are not responsible to protect your personal information and privacy. We do not guarantee the security of the information you have provided online through any way on this website including but not limited to, by filling up free trial, registration or any other form.

You acknowledge by entering into this Agreement that you are aware of our limitations with respect to security and privacy
You are agree to provide accurate, current and complete information required by Nelichso. You are agree not to resale, transfer, sublicense the service to anyone until you are a reseller of Nelichso. You must have entered in agreement with Nelichso if you want to resale any service. You also agree not to allow any third party unauthorized access to our system and services.

Nelichso reserves rights to change terms at any time.
You are agree that we have no obligation to monitor any portion of service without any limitation for the contents and information posted by you, your employee, your ex-employee, your visitor or anyone from your side.

You are agree that we reserve the right to check the service or part of service and information to disclose any information as necessary or appropriate to satisfy any law, regulation, or any other government request.

We reserve the right to remove any part of service or full service of the client in our sole discretion, we deem unacceptable, undesirable, inappropriate or in violation of any law or these Terms and Conditions.

You are agree to inform us if you find any suspected activity, breach of security.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the contents of this website including but not limited to foreign copyrights, patents, trademarks, logos, buttons, images, graphics, text, icons, software, Trade secrets, database rights and all other intellectual property are the sole property of Nelichso. We authorize you to use the software Online or offline by making sure that the terms are not voided. It can be used for commercial, non-commercial or personal use. Unauthorized use of website, its contents and software may violate the laws. You must keep all the trademarks, service marks, copyright and other proprietary things as it is. You will not alter, reproduce, sell, resell or distribute the contents and software, HTML code(used to generate pages for chats for commercial or non-commercial use. Reverse engineering, decoding of code, recompiling or copying the data is strictly prohibited.

You are agree that title and full ownership rights to the Service will remain the exclusive property of Nelichso and you will not acquire any rights to the Service.

Acceptable use of site and software

You are agree not to use the website for any manner or any purpose which is prohibited by the law and this agreement. It is your sole responsibility to comply with this agreement and applicable law.

We reserves rights to disable or terminate any user and data of the user if it is found that the website and software is used for illegal activity or does not comply with the terms.

Removal of Branding

Your are bound not to remove or alter any branding of nelichso.com. It is strictly prohibited. It includes but not limited to "Nelichso" name. Removal of branding from the account is strictly prohibited. Please do not try to remove, alter or edit it.

Removing branding is allowed for the premium users who has purchased appropriate plan.

Security Terms

Users of this website, guests or non users are strictly prohibited for attempting to violate security including but not limited to:

  • Trying to access the server without authorization
  • Trying to access user's data without authorization
  • Trying to login to users account without authorization
  • Attempt to scan vulnerability of the server, network or website
  • Breach security of Server, Network or Website without authorization
  • Attempt to interfere Server, Network and Website and its users activity by uploading malware, spyware, virus, flooding, mailbombing, crashing and overloading.
  • Sending unsolicited emails and promotions about our website and products 
  • Forging any header of email or any TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP and other packets

We take security of our server, website and any service seriously. Violating these terms may result in criminal or civil liability.

Login Details

Our clients are responsible for all of their details including but not limited to, username, password and any other details stored in our system. You are responsible for the registration on our website whether it's authorized or unauthorized. You are responsible and agree to inform us if you find any authorized use of your username, password and any other information.

Limitation of Liabilities and License

Any service, software or software feature is provided with no warranty. Nelichso, directors, employees, advisors, resellers, affiliates and agents will not be liable for any claim, damages or demands for all kind of nature, unknown, known, disclosed, undisclosed arising out of any way connected to this agreement.

We are not liable for any loss of data, business , production, sales, profit, income in any circumstances due to any service conditions mentioned here but not limited to like website connection failure, network connection failure, system upgradation, sever upgradation, maintenance, software upgradation, inability to use our website or to end connection.

The Service is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. You are free to use this software for any purpose like personal, business but you are not allowed to redistribute or resale without prior notice to us. Only our authorized resellers and affiliates are allowed to resale with these limitations.

  • You must not alter or hide the brand name of our company.
  • You must no claim as your own software.
  • You must not alter any code without our information.

    You agree not to get in to any of these activities.
  • Copy the source code of the Website and the services provided through website or its content.
  • Translate the Website and the services provided through website or its content.
  • Merge the Website and the services provided through website or its content with any other service or software.
  • Harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress or discomfort to any Visitor, or any other individual or entity.
  • Use of slang word in any kind of communication including but not limited to chat, email, ticketing system.
  • Sending unsolicited spam mails with a link of our websites, services provided through our website.

Refund Policy

We do not provide refund in any circumstances other than money back guarantee provided on our website. There will be no refund or exchange for any of the payments done through this website. You are agree not to charge back after you registered and paid for the service. If the mentioned feature or features are not available for paid service then the buyer can request refund and we will send you the refund by investigating each case and if it's approved.

Warranty or guarantee

We are always willing and working hard to give very clean and stable infrastructure so that our clients can use our system error free. However, we at Nelichso does not provide warranty or guarantee that the servers, sites, network and anything related to infrastructure will be error free. We do not warrantee or guarantee that our system will be free of virus, malware or any harmful mechanism.

It is not our business to keep, sale, resale, or freely deliver harmful softwares like virus, malware or any harmful mechanism.
You are agree to take full responsibility and risk to use this site and services provided through this site.

Service Termination

You may request termination at any time but you will be responsible for all the dues and you must clear if before requesting termination of the service. Nelichso reserves rights to terminate your service permanently or temporarily with or without any notice. You are also agree that upon termination all of your data will not be accessible and we may remove it from our system.


Credits will be added in your account in case of downgradation of your service. You will not be getting refund under any circumstances. You can use your credit while making payment of other invoices or at the time of next month's payment.